Messi's Magic Gives Miami Their First Trophy

Messi's Magic Gives Miami Their First TrophyArgentina's captain scored a splendid goal, and Inter Miami won the league cup by defeating Nashville on penalties.

Messi's Magic Gives Miami Their First Trophy

Lionel Messi netted a superb goal, clinching his inaugural title in North American soccer as Inter Miami prevailed over Nashville (10-9) in a penalty shootout following a 1-1 draw in the League Cup final after 90 minutes.

The World Cup-winning Argentine forward delivered a brilliant strike in the 24th minute into the top corner to give Miami the lead. Nonetheless, FaFa Picault leveled the score for Nashville during the latter part of the game.

After Messi's post-hit and Leonardo Campana's missed opportunity for Miami, the game went to a shootout, which concluded in a goalkeeper duel. Miami's Drake Callender saved Eliott Panicco's shot secured the victory.

Messi and his teammates celebrated, making crucial saves to keep their team alive. Miami Major League Soccer was at the bottom of the table in their third season when Messi joined them a month ago. Still, Messi has transformed the team entirely since then, as they remain unbeaten in seven games, clinching the League Cup.

Co-owner David Beckham expressed surprise at how quickly Barcelona's former star had brought change to the struggling club. It feels akin to a cinematic experience, observing these athletes in action, where every facet of their performance exudes a profound beauty," he expressed.

Messi's Magic Gives Miami Their First Trophy

Seven-time Ballon d'Or winner Messi has now scored 10 goals in seven matches in his new club's pink shirt and has another final opportunity when his team faces Cincinnati in the US Open Cup semi-final on Wednesday.

Messi's 44th career trophy comes in the form of the League Cup, a remarkable achievement unsurpassed by any other player. Argentina named him the tournament's best player, which includes teams from MLS and Liga MX.

This wasn't the high-scoring Miami that illuminated last month's tournaments featuring MLS and Mexican Liga MX clubs, but the victory was sweet.

"It's the first title for the club, and I'm very happy to win my first title in just a month. The team is progressing fast, and we're very happy," midfielder Busquets said. We've infected the team with our attitude, our work, our character, and our experience.
We're building a strong team... and then we have Leo, who brings change because he's the best in the world.

Nashville had clear intentions of limiting Busquets and Messi's influence and was effective in playing a slow-paced game on their part. Gary Smith's squad issued a clear message as they were awarded a set piece just beyond Miami's penalty

Messi's Magic Gives Miami Their First Trophy