SBI All CSPs will hold a two-day strike: 21-08-2023 and 22-08-2023

Minimum Balance:

You do not need to maintain a minimum balance in your account. The maximum balance can go up to Rs 500,000. (Only if the customer provides KYC within 12 or 24 months, other conditions remaining same).

SBI All CSPs will hold a two-day strike

 SBI All CSPs will hold a two-day strike: 21-08-2023 and 22-08-2023

Customers can open an account under PMJDY with zero balance with a limit of up to 12 lakhs. The maximum transaction limit is Rs.30,000/- per day. No checkbook is issued; Only the account holder can make cash transactions. There are no account management charges.

Other benefits include:

Home Loan/Property Loan (benefits not yet updated). Auto Loan/Gold Loan/Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loan (benefits not yet updated). General Purpose Credit Card (GCC) / Farmers Credit Card (KCC). No-frills SBI Savings Bank Account in mutual funds on a referral basis. Term Deposit Receipt (TDR)/National Savings Certificate (NSC)/Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) loans.

Extended Banking Hours: 

Open as long as retail stores are open (usually 8:00 am to 8:00 pm). Additionally, every customer above 18 years of age is provided with an ATM card for withdrawing money. Promotion of business opportunities through SHG (Self-Help Group). Customers can save separately through the RD remittance facility. 

SBI All CSPs will hold a two-day strike: Reason

Instead of recruiting CSPs directly, banks have recruited them through BC channels and that is a completely commission-based job. From account opening to cash withdrawals and even if you can maintain the balance in the customer's bank account, an average maintenance commission is available. Hearing this news, many unemployed boys and girls from different parts of the country invested millions of capital and started this business in 2011 Thinking that they will now be self-sufficient. At present, after many years of great struggle, they are getting good average maintenance. It was at this time that the State Bank officially introduce a rule that CSPs would be deprived of their average maintenance benefits if the SSS slab was not completed.  According to sources, in protest against the ridiculous decision of the bank, all CSPs have started mass deputation at their home branches All CSPs will hold a two-day strike on 21-08-2023 and 22-08-2023.

SBI All India CSP Unity is inviting all CSPs to join this telegram group  Click Here